Global Compact on Migration: Israel says no, along with many others

For the ‘ Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration ‘, or the Global Compat on migration proposed by the UN, which should be signed at the meeting next 10 and 11 December in Marrakech, before being formally approved by a resolution of the Assembly General of the UN, hard days are announced . Today, Israel s i joined the United States and the group of European countries that do not intend to join the pact pact on migration. ” We are committed to defending our borders against illegal migrants, this is what we have done and will continue to do, ” said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu .

The pact is creating divisions within the European Union: Austria , the Czech Republic , Poland , Croatia , Slovenia , Bulgaria , Hungary and Switzerland who have already indicated that they do not intend to sign the agreement .

A confirmation of the close that Tel Aviv is giving to the immigration of an increasingly markedly Jewish country . Today, moreover, hundreds of Ethiopian Jews took to the streets in Addis Ababa to protest against the recent decision by the Israeli government to admit as migrants only a thousand : a decision that divides the families of those who have already migrated to the Jewish state and contradicts the commitment of 2015 to welcome them. It is estimated that in Ethiopia there remained about 8,000 and brei Falascia . The leaders of the community today appealed to the Ethiopian Jews living in Israel not to vote for the Likud, the promoter of the squeeze. “I appeal to the Ethiopian Jews to think twice before voting for the Likud, because the Prime Minister expressed the party, Binyamin Netanyahu is keeping his word to help us to emigrate to Israel,” he told ‘Associated Press’ Neggousa Zemene Alemu , coordinator of the Jewish community for Addis Ababa and Gondar. The Jews in Ethiopia complain of living in poverty, of being marginalized, while “Israel pulls her for long instead of coming to our rescue”.

Returning to the Global Compact on Migrations, also in Italy , in recent days, the issue was started with various pronouncements by leaders of the League and Brothers of Italy against the document , appeals for the Government to decide for the no. And considering the policy that the yellow and green government has put in place on the subject of migrants, there does not seem to be any doubt that Italy does not reach the signature table in Morocco.

The Global Compact is a pact for safe , orderly and regular migration , as the document states, underlined by the supporters of the document, which does not limit the sovereignty of any State. Also, the document concerns only migrants and not refugees:

Refugees are the subject of another Compact, adopted by a different process.

The Compact on Migration is based on the principle of distinction between migrants and refugees . Refugees have specific protection, as provided for by the 1951 Geneva Convention, due to the political persecution they are subjected to. Migrants, most of whom are motivated by economic reasons, are not entitled to this protection.

The Pact requires states to manage their borders in a manner ” respectful of national sovereignty and obligations under international law ” and “to prevent irregular immigration “. A reinforced cooperation is planned to combat the smuggling of migrants and trafficking in human beings and to dismantle smuggling networks for the benefit of states and migrants.

In no way does the Pact create a ‘ right to migration ‘: the admission of foreign citizens is the prerogative of States that are free to decide who to allow on their territory .

The Global Compact is a contribution to the improvement of the management of migratory flows at an international level involving the countries of origin, transit and destination. Based on the principle that no state can manage the migration challenge on its own, it aims to encourage enhanced cooperation on migration to ensure that it is not managed in a disorganized way. It is based on the principle of shared responsibility between countries of origin , transit and destination in the governance of migratory flows. The key points of the Pact include cooperation to prevent deaths on migratory routes and save lives at sea and elsewhere, strengthen the fight against smuggling and trafficking in human beings and combat irregular migration, priorities, in particular, for Italian politics of the new government.

The Global Compact does not create new obligations . The principle of national sovereignty is explicitly enunciated in the text , it is even given the status of ‘guiding principle’. Furthermore, the Compact is not legally binding . It is therefore impossible to use the Compact to question the migration policy of a State .

The document is also a collection of good practices, ‘ political tools ‘, which States are encouraged to implement in implementing their migration policy.

At the heart of the document is the fight against dangerous , disorganized and irregular migration . It envisages that states organize themselves to work together against the smuggling of migrants and to dismantle the networks of traffickers . Countries are called to strengthen their legal arsenals to prosecute smugglers. The measures envisaged by the Pact include the exchange of data , particularly between intelligence services, to better combat smugglers.

The Pact also establishes the right for States to distinguish between regular and irregular migrant status in the implementation of their migration policy. The document then establishes the commitment of the countries of origin to cooperate to allow irregular migrants to return and reintegrate in their country : the countries of origin undertake to provide the necessary documents to identify the migrants and to make the return journey. , considering that often it is the absence of these documents that hinders their effective return.

The countries of origin are called upstream to ensure effective control of their borders and downstream to facilitate the return and reintegration of irregular migrants.

The text also invites the countries of origin to strengthen their efforts to address the root causes of migration and to work towards the repression of smuggling networks.

A leak would reveal several details about Mortal Kombat 11 – GameSource

Mortal Kombat X 

Three years after the release of Mortal Kombat X , the moment seems to be looking forward to the next chapter of the Mortal Kombat series . A tester of the new Picchiaduro would have spread on the internet several details on the characteristics of the new Mortal Kombat 11 (or Mortal Kombat XI, if you prefer).

The leaker is talking about a game under development for 4 years , even before the release of the tenth chapter on the market. Mortal Kombat 11 would present an adventure mode – distinct from the classic story mode – playable in single player or even in the cooperative, which would be similar to the title Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks released for PlayStation 2 . The story mode instead would focus on Raiden, Shang Tsung, Reiko and Kotal Kahn , with Raiden ready to punish anyone trying to attack planet Earth.

Mortal Kombat 11

A step forward would also be moved in terms of the graphics engine , which for this new Mortal Kombat would be the Unreal Engine 4 , going to make the title really incredible in terms of graphics and animations. Among the playable characters there should be Fujin , while there would not be Johnny Cage, Goro, Sonya, Kano, Baraka, Mileena and Ferratorr, even if the reasons for these absences are not clear.

There is still no information on the release date, but the game would go out on consoles of this generation and some more information could be provided during the next The Game Awards 2018 .

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Mortal Kombat 11 announced at the TGA 2018

In short, I tested Yakuza Kiwami 2 and it's a very good game

What do you want me to say to you more, sincerely. That was my test of Yakuza Kiwami 2. You’re welcome. Okay, kidding aside, the “Kiwami” are a series of remakes that retap and increase the initial episodes while updating the relationships between characters added in the prequel Yakuza 0.

Oh! Kirei desu!

Technically, the game is based on the latest version of the Dragon Engine, the engine of Yakuza 6. Yakuza Kiwami 2 is the most fluid, the most beautiful Yakuza. Dragon Engine requires, you will evolve without perceptible loading time and you will regularly explode all the bikes and mopeds you graze as in Yakuza 6. In short, it is technically almost perfect.

Kiryu Battle 2

“Do you like omelettes? Here, I’m breaking the eggs! ”

Ah! Omoshiroi desu!

The scenario has not moved an iota of what my memory of quadra remembers Yakuza 2 released in 2006: two cocks are in the same barnyard, one is morally good, the other is bad. An addition in the form of a quest where the player embodies Majima Goro to pick up the pieces of a bushy scenario has even been added. Atmosphere Japanese thugs that harass passersby, testosterone en masse, ridiculous situations and small grandfathers. The game is still desperately English subtitled but given the number of dialogues, we can only accept to work his slang to understand the insults and other threats between bad boys. Between us, by wandering the streets of the Yakuza series, I became a beast of the English argo, thank you Nagoshi-san! Locating the game in French, Spanish, Italian, German would simply be too expensive for a series with sales volumes still too confidential. Yakuza Kiwami 2 is particularly verbose, the cutscenes are numerous and the faces are the best of the day (mate me the striking modeling of the eyes in the game if … just from a point of view of acting! ). In short, Yakuza Kiwami 2 is, like its predecessors, a vehicle for emotions and pushes into this niche other games claiming themselves as such.


In your opinion, nice or bad?

Ehh! Kokkei desu!

The accompanying activities are once again excellent: casino, golf, Virtua Fighter 2 and Virtual On playable, mini games clan creator and hostess bar evolves well (interface more readable for the bar and reinforced tactical aspect for the clan creator) and so on … The game is rich in content, sometimes funny, sometimes ridiculous, sometimes intelligent. Yakuza Kiwami 2 is definitely the most enjoyable activity compilation in the series. Only the real estate agency Yakuza 0 is missing to fill me definitely. In short, between the arteries of Kamurocho and the small streets of Osaka, there is enough to play a hundred hours to complete the whole.

Cabaret_3_1530688675 The addiction summarized in one image


Whoa! Arai desu!

Fights are again worn on the finishes moves to unlock with the experience points gleaned as the adventure in the manner of Yakuza 6. It’s dynamic, progressive and complete. If I was extremely fussy, I will report some situations that bring the camera into the wall during the fighting but nothing unacceptable. In short, it’s fun, violent, playable and particularly well calibrated.

Majima Battle

Goro Majima does not know the cold.


Ano …

Yakuza Kiwami 2 is an excellent game, it magnifies the original work and is perhaps-if we omit the theme of the scenario that may please or not the best episode of the series in terms of its content. The remastered Yakuza coming soon (3, 4 and 5 so) will be only upgrades HD PS3 games and will not benefit from the same content. Not to play Yakuza Kiwami 2, is missing for the second time a game and a series of exception that is already a date in the history of video games, pending Judge Eyes. PLAY IT!

In short, yes, I know you must be sated Yakuza, but when it’s good, we eat what is on his plate, even if it’s been three times that we eat this week!

Fortnite Season 7: the new Patch

The biggest news is certainly the introduction of the glacial biome in the game map, which will bring new areas such as Frosty Flight and Polar Peak, a new fighter plane, some Wraps to customize its own and last, but not least, importance , the creative mode that will be available initially only for Battle pass holders.


In this new mode, players will be able to build their own game map from scratch on a proven island giving vent to their imagination and then invite other players to visit it, as if it were a playground. The Stand and Fight campaign also receives major changes in its third act which will include new missions and new areas.

Many of these contents will only be available to holders of the Battle Pass that will be available for purchase in-game for the price of 950 V-Bucks.

Fortnite Season 7

The X-4 Stormiwing plane added in the patch

General Notes Patch v7.00


In addition to the great additions mentioned above, there are also other substantial changes in the patch:

  • Update on the minimum version of MacOs to play Fortnite
  • Added optimizations on the construction
  • Fixed bugs related to the language of the text when changing the language of the game
  • Fixed the crash during the closing of the game
  • Fixed the decrease in performance during content loading
  • Improved data architecture on Xbox One to speed up loading in the Battle Royale
  • The Fortnite s windows icon will light up when we find a match if the application is in the background
  • The minimized text of the chat on PC and mobile is no longer clickable. The chat will expand to normal size by clicking on the input box

The new Patch is already available on all platforms: PC , Mac , PlayStation 4 , Xbox One , Nintendo Switch and Mobile . The creative mode will be made available to everyone, owners of Battle passes and not, December 13.

► Fortnite is a Survival game developed by Epic Games People Can Fly and published by Epic Games for Android , PlayStation Network , PC , iOS , Mac , PlayStation 4 , Xbox One and Nintendo Switch , the videogame was released on 25.07 / 2017 The Nintendo Switch version was released on 06/12/2018
If you want to buy Fortnite know that now is on offer for only 59.99 € (instead of 60.99 €).
If you own the game do not miss our last faq: Find the place between Circle of Stones, Wooden Bridge and Camper on Fortnite

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Mortal Kombat 11 announced at the TGA 2018





Gogeta Super Saiyan Blue arriva in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

After being revealed as “new” character to make the appearance in the new animated film Dragon Ball Super: Broly , the new version of Gogeta will also arrive in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.

For those unfamiliar with the various developments of the saga, this new form of Gogeta will be the fusion between Goku and Vegeta both in their latest form of Super Saiyan Blu.

This is revealed by a YouTube user who has leaked a video presentation of what will be a DLC for the game, which you can see below.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is a game of the Picchiaduro type – RPG developed by Dimps and published by Bandai Namco for Nintendo Switch , PC , PlayStation 4 and Xbox One , the videogame was released on 10/25/2016 The PC version came out on 28/10/2016 The version for Nintendo Switch was released on 07/09/2017 The version for PlayStation 4 was released on 02/11/2016
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is a beautiful game that can not miss your collection: we decided to evaluate it with a 76% , if you are interested to learn more you can read the review of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 by Giacomo Quadrio.
If you want to buy Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 know that now it is on offer for only 39.4 € (instead of 39.99 €).

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Masuda: Let's Go Pokémon is not a spin-off, future integration of Pokémon GO

The director and composer of the Pokémon series, Junichi Masuda, silences all the voices that want Pokémon Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Eevee! not being part of the main line of the pocket monsters series. Masuda is the director and general producer of the two Nintendo Switch titles; this time, however, the soundtrack does not bear his signature.

Pokémon Let's Go

In an interview that appears in the strategic guide dedicated to the two Let’s Go, Masuda is sibylline: ” Let’s Go are not spin-offs, they are considered full-fledged major titles “, thus, like chapters like Pokémon Silver, Platinum or the most recent Sun and Moon, for example.

Masuda also talked about the possible implementation of Pokémon GO in future titles, explaining that if the mechanics will be well received through Let’s Go they will think about “integrating it to the chapters that will come” . The fate of Pokémon Go will essentially be decided by the reaction of the fans to the new title Switch, which is a first experiment of mixing between the mobile game and the historical titles of the Nintendo portable consoles .

In short, Masuda and The Pokémon Company put the Let’s Go Pokémon on the same level with the other titles, trying to move the undecided and legitimizing in words a child considered by many to be illegitimate.

► Pokémon Let’s Go, Pikachu! / Pokémon Let’s Go, Eevee! is an RPG game developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo for Nintendo Switch , the videogame was released on 11/16/2018
Pokémon Let’s Go, Pikachu! / Pokémon Let’s Go, Eevee! is a game to be owned at all costs: we decided to evaluate it with a 99% , if you are interested to learn more you can read the Review of Pokémon Let’s Go, Pikachu! / Pokémon Let’s Go, Eevee! edited by Samuele Aiesi.
If you want to buy Pokémon Let’s Go, Pikachu! / Pokémon Let’s Go, Eevee! know that now is on offer for only € 46.99 (instead of € 59.99).

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Salvini, and Europe does not shy away

Salvini against Di Maio , grillini against Leghisti, sgambetti, Government, last night, beaten in the Chamber on the secret vote of an amendment to the anti-corruption bill. Matteo Salvini promptly intervenes with his’ or so or pomì ‘-idem had done a few hours before on his’ decree, the so-called’ security ‘- meanwhile, the spread was splattering and the government was’ calm’.

Government, last night, beaten in the Chamber on the secret vote of an amendment to the anti-corruption bill

Difficult to hide that there are times when this Government gives points, or rather gives many points, to the most refined surrealists: Eugène Ionesco is a beginner in comparison. Even if, in my opinion, they do not realize how they are … surreal, which makes them funny, but dangerous.

In these last days of important and serious things have not happened a few: the ‘ approved approval of the ‘ decree Genoa ‘with attached amnesty … in Ischia, the expulsion of tax amnesties from budget law (perhaps because sometimes someone falls from the window ), confirming the anti-Europe budget options , and today we look forward to Brussels the infringement procedure for excessive deficit of an Italy increasingly isolated and, therefore, easy to victim of the spread , as we saw yesterday, in fact, the slight initiative of Soros Butler, Mario Draghi century, to propose, perhaps, another bit of Quantitative Easing , to the ‘ warning ‘ of Tito Boeri on the costs of the hypothesis of ‘ quota 100 ‘ and of the ABI on the possible rise in interest rates , especially for families, to the action of para – military employment of the TIM by an American group (they say) very close to the 5S, and so on, and the Government and even before its vice-presidents who make you? they are there to fight hard-nosed , even harsh, on the management of waste in Campania .

For heaven’s sake, I do not want to say that it is not relevant (incidentally, Campania are!) But, apart from that you could think in a normal way, without making the unnecessary script to gather a part of the Council of Ministers in Caserta, c ‘ was it necessary for all this can-can to say that – in addition to the unpublished ‘intervention of the army – they will deal with it (note well, the verb always strictly to the future) in a coordinated way? The government statement is infinitely more refined and full of meanings of those two words that I wrote here, and in fact here it is: “The Government works on a shared solution without polemics. The goal is always the protection of health and the territory. The Government contract on the general theme of waste expresses a clear political-administrative direction: we must work to realize as soon as possible a complete circular economy and make our economic system ‘green’ … The Government also undertakes to “work to defend the culture of ‘recycling’ and making waste ‘products’, aiming at the widespread diffusion of separate waste collection. At the same time, the Government is committed to managing the critical issues that should occur during the transition period, entrusting the Ministry of the Environment with the proposals and prevention of these critical points for an innovative, concrete, achievable solution.

We needed all this chatter to say who is dealing with the Minister of ‘A Ambiente?

criticalities , which however is the Government that undertakes to manage when arising from the transition period ; but from what to what and from what does it appear that there is a transition period? In short, did you understand? The Government manages , the Minister proposes and prevents critical issues. Now that it is not clear what is meant to propose the critical issues, if the Minister prevents them, the crises are not there. Or do you take it for granted that the Minister is incapable and therefore does not prevent anything (and do not even propose?) And therefore the Government must intervene … heck the whole Government! You will say: ok, as you are fussy, the Government means the various skills. Right, but if in a sentence you ‘oppose’ the functions of a Minister to those of the Government, it means that if there are problems, caused by the inability of the Minister to prevent them (as well as to propose them!) The whole Government acts by expropriating the minister. It is not fussiness, it is trivial Italian language, often used also in Pomigliano and Foggia, but also in Milan.

Is it irrelevant? Well no. This whole thing comes out of a controversy between … Ministers , who instead of arguing in the Council where they should be both, do it by way of press (in a broad sense and therefore in particular Facebook, Twitter, etc., etc.) in order to make well-known their positions ; to who? but to the public, right? That is , everything is just propaganda and, perhaps, transversal messages to those who might be co-interested in the solution tomorrow. Defined in a tranchant way by both: Salvini who wants incinerators in every neighborhood and Di Maio who does not want them at all . Why do not you want Di Maio? Why pollute, why dirty, because they cost, because they are dangerous for public safety, because they use them in Denmark and he was traumatized as a child from the fairy tale of the princess on the pea? Nope: because the incinerators favor the Camorra . And he says it and repeats it satisfied and happy (it is always happy Di Maio, please note, must have at least seventy-two teeth) in the press conference (absent Matthew) waving the ditines (see Vocabulary of the Academy of Crusca).
Now, forgive me sig nor Di Maio , do you want to explain why the other methods , whatever they are, can not be used by the Camorra? But especially, Mr. Di Maio and, apparently, the entire government, bellicose Salvini in mind, you realize that such a statement is equivalent to a declaration not even of surrender , but of defeat? A government that says that certain things do not do so because it would favor the Camorra , it is like saying in terms of sovereigns, the Camorra has its field of action in which we do not enter , without, however, even say that in others the Camorra come in! … also because it enters us cheerfully.

But let’s complete the analysis. The Government works on a shared solution without polemics. Because normally they are pursued solutions not shared and source of controversy, but the government if something decides it is enough, no? However, the Government works towards the realization of a ‘complete circular economy’ and to greening the economy (all of which is talking about waste?) And, moreover, making ‘waste’ ‘products’. Note well: the circular economy is complete, you’ve never seen anything circulating!
In this admirable realization of the circular economy, the Government works to defend the culture of recycling, from the attacks of whom? I could understand that it is said that the Government will spread, or rather will impose the culture of recycling, or rather recycling (what culture has to do with it!), But defending that culture implies that there is someone who not only contests (perhaps we allude to Salvini?) but who fights it! And then, defending this ‘culture’ is so difficult to have to ‘work’ for it, maybe the Ministers will take a bonus.

In short, inconclusions aside (you feel the strong wrist the hand of the unmentionable – Casalino: Ed) this could be a political manifesto , if we want to ennoble, a project, a ‘to do’, but not a government action , which presupposes decisions, and consequent acts, choices and financing, etc.

All this while the (poor) Minister Giovanni Tria is in Brussels to defend Italian ideas using (with a bit of distortion, however) the phrase of Professor Gianfranco Pasquino (su, which accuses the Government of conducting the so-called ‘ chicken game ‘, because it attributes to the EU to do it all leading to the abyss. In reality the chicken game, or rather the game of the coward , is that of our government (and for it of the two dioscuri) that leads us to ‘ slam ‘ into the illusion that the EU is ‘ dodging ‘. Only that it does, the Government, on the skin of us Italians, and in fact the spread grows. The expression, I add only to avoid cryptic, was used to describe the idiotic game of some young people in the 50s, to run against each other in the car, to see who was diverted first.

security decree , a document of which I have spoken, and which brings Italy back a hundred years! But compared to which Matthew says stentorian: ‘or approve by December 3rd or skip it all’.
But do not worry, do not skip anything, the power is not easily spring, but, in a few decades, we will have the circular economy of waste turned into fragrant products, sold, perhaps, by a company of Bagarella.l

France, the protest of the 'yellow vests' rises

‘Act II: All France in Paris !!!!’: this is the title of the Facebook group that invites the yellow vests , the protest movement against the raising of taxes on diesel fuel wanted by President Emmanuel Macron , to form a tide human race next Saturday, November 24th, in Paris. The goal is, according to the organizers, “to give a coup de grace and converge on all Paris with all possible means (car-sharing, train, bus …), because that’s where the government is. We are waiting for you all – insist on the message – trucks, buses, taxis, NCCs, farmers … all of them! ». 23,000 people have already responded to the call, while 163,000 say they are interested.

Meanwhile, protesters against fuel prices have continued in road blocks on various motorways. Also blocked a dozen deposits of fuel. Several organizers, interviewed by the media, ask for a gesture from the government, in particular the possibility of being received at the Elysée. President Macron is unperturbed: “I will answer in due time but today it is not the right place to do it”.

In Britain , the motion of no confidence against Theresa May’s leadership in the conservative party risks the flop.

The national media speak of a number of deputies in favor of the initiative stopped, at the moment, at 25, against a minimum quorum of 48 (15% of the Tory group to the Municipalities) necessary to start the process. May, meanwhile, in a speech to the British Confindustria (CBI) reiterated: ” The last stage is always the hardest, but do not have doubts: I am determined to implement the Brexit “. While the chief EU negotiator for Brexit, Michel Barnier , said: ” We are at a decisive moment, no one will lose sight of the progress achieved in Brussels and London “.

Iran has today renewed its request to European countries to accelerate the implementation of the financial instruments necessary to continue transactions with Tehran despite the banking sanctions imposed by the US. ” It is clear that the European countries are committed to maintaining the agreement on nuclear power, but unfortunately their efforts to implement the financial system are slow, ” said Foreign Ministry spokesman, Bahram Ghasemi , who added that Iran will continue to have talks with Europeans, but will not wait indefinitely for their decisions.

Remaining on the issue of sanctions, the United States has put pressure on Italy to continue to support those of the European Union against Russia . Some diplomatic sources speak of a US administration “worried that the Italian populist and pro-Kremlin government could take away its support for such measures”. Meanwhile from Moscow, Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev said that the US position against a reform of the WTO is short-sighted. In particular, he reiterated that commercial wars are already under way and that the entire global economy will suffer the consequences.

In Israel , for the time being passed the risk of early elections following the resignation of Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman , and the exit of his party from the ruling coalition, Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu said he now plans to be able to govern again for a year, ie until the natural end of the legislature in November 2019. ” We will have to show the maximum discipline within the coalition. Everyone assumes their responsibilities “, said the premier.

In Yemen , Houthi militias announced that they will suspend missile and drone attacks against Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and their allies in the country.

This was stated in a statement by Mohammed Ali Al Houthi , head of the Supreme Revolutionary Committee of the Houthi. The decision was made at the request of the United Nations and after the Arab Coalition announced the suspension of the military offensive at Hodeidah.

We close with Macedonia , where there is an air of protest against the change of name in Northern Macedonia , decided with the agreement with Greece last summer. Last night in Skopje, protesters called for the resignation of the government, the dissolution of parliament and early elections. The Macedonian diaspora has also ruled against the name agreement, calling for a demonstration against Prime Minister Zoran Zaev’s government .

Valkyria Chronicles 4 Xbox One PS4

We are in 65 before Segata Sanshiro. All Europa is occupied by the imperial alliance. All ? Well yes … it’s in the text … These imperial swellings occupy Europa in order to extract all the ragnite such as the USA and the oil of Kuwait. Fortunately, proud soldiers stand in their way and will try to undermine the plans of the empire.

So I know what you’re saying when you read this intro, what style … hah … you think it sounds like Valkyria Chronicles 1st name and well you’re not wrong, for the good reason that this 4 th episode takes place at the same time as the adventures of Squad 7.

While Alicia and Welkin’s team was fighting against Prince Maximilian, Squad E had its own mission and that is what SEGA chose to tell us in this Valkyria Chronicles 4.



We are at the head of the squad E, led by Claude Wallace and his tank piloted by Miles (besides tell me in comment if Miles does not look like Tails please, I sleep more at night) and accompanied of his childhood friends, Raz the big-mouthed soldier and Kai the sniper with the mysterious past.

This hard core will soon be joined by another of their knowledge of their village, Riley, grenadier of his state. Grenadier?


And yes, first novelty, a new class, the beautiful Riley has a heavier limit mortar than she and she will be happy to bomb any enemy passing in his (large) field of vision.

Squad E obviously does not stop at these 4 members, and a whole bunch of other characters and classes are at your disposal, if you did the other episodes of the series you will not be distressed.

The mission of squad E, if you accept it (at the same time, no choice), will be to rush towards the imperial capital to try to stop the war. Unfortunately for them (and fortunately for us) the road will be full of pitfalls and very quickly things will be spoiled.

I will not make you an insult to explain the game system of the series, if you are on SEGA Legacy you have necessarily already played at least one of the previous opus. Valkyria Chronicles 4 takes the gameplay of the previous episodes, while adding some nice additions like the possibility to ask a member of the commando to follow one of the “leaders” (the guys with a star), far from being anecdotal, this addition allows for example to ask a sniper to follow a scout and thus to move much further than normal.

The first trailers put it forward, the snow is at the center of this new episode and it greatly influences the gameplay. A blizzard will allow you to move without being seen, but also without seeing much, which has the effect of funny things like being in the middle of tanks and other over-equipped soldiers who will quickly annihilate once the storm passed.

Moreover, death is final in Valkyria Chronicles 4 and a soldier on shore not rescued in time is a lost soldier for the rest of the game. Ha and keep in mind that when it snows you have to save the wounded more quickly, all in a hostile environment in which it is often hard to find your way around.

The course of the missions was also very worked and to charge the enemy base to take control will not be enough all the time to win the victory. I’m not going to dwell too much on the subject, just to give you the pleasure of the discovery, but some ideas are just great, like this mission monopolizing the snipers so that they unravel shells falling on a ship that is your only chance to escape the enemies encircling you.


Without lying, my first steps in VC4 were rather mixed, the impression of seeing the 1st with another team, Claude being quite similar to Welkin in his way of being (at least at the beginning) this feeling of déjà vu ‘ was the time of one or two missions and then all that has faded progressively, leaving room for a sweet conclusion: Valkyria Chronicles 4 is the best episode of the series, all that was already very well there ten years ago was kept, from the graphic style of the series to the narration or the evolution of the characters. Better yet, the gameplay has been enhanced, the maps are almost all successful, the level design has been sublimated and, again, do and redo missions to try new stuff is a real pleasure. You will go through all the emotions while playing, from laughter to tears, from the hatred of defeat to the euphoria of a victory thanks to a well placed ball. SEGA manages to give the impression that almost every mission is impossible, making the victories more and more beautiful, all carried by an epic soundtrack perfectly in line with the game.


In addition to the 18 basic chapters, you have the opportunity to do a lot of side quests, listed in the book in the section “squadron history” these little bits of history focus on the members of the squad E and why such and such are so close. What strengthen the background and affect that can be made to some supporting roles.


History of nitpicking a little, the cast is good, no more, perhaps less charisma in the ranks of the squad E than there were in those of the squad 7. Even finding the side of the antagonists , a little less naughty than usual, we could almost recruit them (except this fdp of Heinrich Belgar and the twin sisters) so much we feel that they are nice when they do not shoot us, but it does not is nothing against the many qualities of the title.

It is impossible to complete this test without thanking Koch Media for offering French subtitles, a first in the series. Hoping that this action becomes widespread in the future and is also done with the series of Yakuza or the very promising Judge Eyes.

SEGA once again transcended the Tactical RPG, as it had done 10 years ago when Squad 7 arrived on PS3 and then Miles says so well throughout the game: “Wow, Masterpiece”.

Two Point Hospital

If I tell you Populous, Theme Park, Dungeon Keeper, there must be some that will have the emotional memory of MHz processors and dual density floppy disks.

Bullfrog was a 90s studio mostly known for its management games, including some of Lionhead’s old defectors, who reformed into Two Point Studios and offered a small deal to Sega Europe for a remake or spiritual sequel to their Theme Hospital under Unity motor.

Sega with its few licenses games management and strategies on PC is not at his first attempt and besides knows its small success with its Total War, Football Manager or Endless Space to name a few.

What’s new in this Two Point Hospital? Well, so to speak, almost nothing compared to its ancestor Theme Hospital since all the ideas and mechanics of the game are there.
In a completely whimsical and funny atmosphere, it will create and manage a hospital using the 4 categories of trades proposed, put in osmosis all this pretty world in each room of diagnosis to cure the customers, uh … patients, of their diseases, each more far-fetched than the others. The nerve of war is as always money, an efficient and well maintained hospital with satisfied customers will see its profits soar. In short, the formula that works in management games.

Putting doctors’ offices on the front line seems like a good tactic.

Starting from a simple hospital and as and when you succeed, you will have the opportunity to open other establishments adding new game mechanics and thus raising the difficulty of play.

Game that does not seem so difficult since for 12 hours of play, I had no failure or even the need to resort to lending money.

Even being in negative accounts did not really stress me. Regularly challenges will appear in your mailbox history to activate a little this little microcosm against reward and bailout of your accounts.

We will be in the clinic mode of the Black Forest, peaceful and everything goes pretty well, at least initially. For the little that one regularly hires in the good positions and good specialties and always answer YES to requests for promotions! Because wage negotiations are rather frequent and even difficult. But it’s the price to have a rather high level of employee enthusiasm.
When it will be necessary to open new wings and multiply the treatment rooms, it will be necessary to think of a logic of patient displacement and order of the treatment rooms, otherwise it will quickly be the crowd in the corridors and queues in front of the doctors’ offices. doctors. It will often be necessary that the pause button is needed history to make the appropriate adjustments otherwise we will quickly overwhelmed by Dr. Jean Mich ‘who cracks and wants to take a break but Gertrude is already busy in psychiatry and Raoul is in training. I would have liked to see in a corner the ratio of the number of employees in relation to the number of patients present on the premises, just to be more precautionary.

This is what happens when there is a shortage of maintenance staff

The picky will go micro manage some elements rather well done like staff training, assign them specific tasks according to their specialties and their salary. Or be on the lookout for critical patients, who symbolized by some emoticons, will tell you that they are in agony. Make them go first to the care. No one would want one of them to fall dead in a hallway and his ghost do not panic. You will need the proper maintenance agents to catch the wandering spirits. Moreover a strong reward awaits the one who happens to have no death in his hospital when it comes time to award trophies to the best hospitals in the region.

We will also spend an incalculable time customizing and decorating our halls and corridors with cosmetic elements that will increase the prestige and attractiveness of our hospital. This is a novelty of this episode, some successful challenges and various unlocked successes will give you an alternative currency called “Kudosh” that will serve to unlock various decorative objects such as SEGA arcade kiosks to brighten your waiting rooms. Everything is good to ensure that patients do not get bored and get angry because we have not taken care of them.
The game also incorporates daily challenges and it must be just about everything new.

 Disseminate terminals everywhere, they bring back money!

The end result is a very entertaining game with ubiquitous humor, aesthetically pleasing, it has kept its graphics plump and runs rather well on the average config.

Nothing is serious and nothing will seem serious in your choices, the error is easily catchable and you never get bored. I raise my head and what? It’s midnight and it’s been 4 hours in a row that I’m playing it? Good go a little bit and I go to bed, or not …