We’re not the only ones to have a Sonic themed convention. Where would we be without the inspiration of these previous Sonic conventions in other parts of the world?!

Sonic Revolution defines conventions as differing from meetups in having both a) a formal venue and b) a formal structure of events.


Sonic Global Meeting/Globalka (discontinued) – The world’s first Sonic convention, held from 2005-2013. It was a multi-day event consisting of gaming, camping and all sorts of fun! It was organised primarily through Sonic CIS!

SuperSonicCon – The successor to Globalka, featuring a larger, more formal, single day event like Summer of Sonic, to be first held in Summer 2014. Organised by the joint efforts of Sonic CIS, Sonic SCANF, and Sonic and All Characters.

United Kingdom:

Summer of Sonic – The most well-known Sonic convention, having gained the recognition of SEGA. Check out this yearly event that’s captured the attention of Sonic fans around the world! Organised primarily by the Sonic Stadium!

Weston Super Sonic – A convention in the southwestern United Kingdom, formed for those who can’t make it to Sonic London or Summer of Sonic, or simply those who want to pass the time between Sonic conventions!

United States:

Sonic Boom - The official event ran by SEGA America. This event is shorter (about four hours) and more focused on a concert than the fanfare, but it’s still fun to go to, AND it’s moving around the country every year! Could it be in your community next?

Super Sonic Utah – Different from the standard Sonic Utah meetups, this one comes with many more planned events as well as a small fee for entry.


SAGE Expo – While not a convention in the usual sense of the word, SAGE has demonstrated a far greater recurrence and commitment than the average meetup and so is here for convenience. The Sonic Amateur Games Expo has been held annually since 2000 in the Summer and showcases the newest Sonic fangames as well as having guest speakers such as Ryan Drummond and Ian Flynn. Best of all, SAGE is free to attend, being held online rather than having an actual location (hence its gray area between con and meetup).

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