Because of Sonic Revolution, meetup groups have been forming all around the world, and many others that were already in operation have been discovered! Looking for a meetup group in your neck of the woods? Check out this extensive list of known groups!

No group in your area? No problem! was formed so as to make it possible to set up and promote meetups in your area, state, city, or otherwise!

Countries are bolded; counties/states/provinces are in italics; cities in plain text.

Australia -

West Australia –

United Kingdom

London – or Sonic London on Facebook

Somerset – Weston Super Sonic Meetups

Glasgow – Glas-Goal Ring Meetups

United States


Gulf Coast Region – Chaos Emerald Coast


North –
South –
San Diego –

St. Louis – (General meetup/discussion group) (Meetup events open to all Sonic fans; group is only for those who are interested in roleplaying)

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