Fortnite Season 7: the new Patch

The biggest news is certainly the introduction of the glacial biome in the game map, which will bring new areas such as Frosty Flight and Polar Peak, a new fighter plane, some Wraps to customize its own and last, but not least, importance , the creative mode that will be available initially only for Battle pass holders.


In this new mode, players will be able to build their own game map from scratch on a proven island giving vent to their imagination and then invite other players to visit it, as if it were a playground. The Stand and Fight campaign also receives major changes in its third act which will include new missions and new areas.

Many of these contents will only be available to holders of the Battle Pass that will be available for purchase in-game for the price of 950 V-Bucks.

Fortnite Season 7

The X-4 Stormiwing plane added in the patch

General Notes Patch v7.00


In addition to the great additions mentioned above, there are also other substantial changes in the patch:

  • Update on the minimum version of MacOs to play Fortnite
  • Added optimizations on the construction
  • Fixed bugs related to the language of the text when changing the language of the game
  • Fixed the crash during the closing of the game
  • Fixed the decrease in performance during content loading
  • Improved data architecture on Xbox One to speed up loading in the Battle Royale
  • The Fortnite s windows icon will light up when we find a match if the application is in the background
  • The minimized text of the chat on PC and mobile is no longer clickable. The chat will expand to normal size by clicking on the input box

The new Patch is already available on all platforms: PC , Mac , PlayStation 4 , Xbox One , Nintendo Switch and Mobile . The creative mode will be made available to everyone, owners of Battle passes and not, December 13.

► Fortnite is a Survival game developed by Epic Games People Can Fly and published by Epic Games for Android , PlayStation Network , PC , iOS , Mac , PlayStation 4 , Xbox One and Nintendo Switch , the videogame was released on 25.07 / 2017 The Nintendo Switch version was released on 06/12/2018
If you want to buy Fortnite know that now is on offer for only 59.99 € (instead of 60.99 €).
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