Salvini, and Europe does not shy away

Salvini against Di Maio , grillini against Leghisti, sgambetti, Government, last night, beaten in the Chamber on the secret vote of an amendment to the anti-corruption bill. Matteo Salvini promptly intervenes with his’ or so or pomì ‘-idem had done a few hours before on his’ decree, the so-called’ security ‘- meanwhile, the spread was splattering and the government was’ calm’.

Government, last night, beaten in the Chamber on the secret vote of an amendment to the anti-corruption bill

Difficult to hide that there are times when this Government gives points, or rather gives many points, to the most refined surrealists: Eugène Ionesco is a beginner in comparison. Even if, in my opinion, they do not realize how they are … surreal, which makes them funny, but dangerous.

In these last days of important and serious things have not happened a few: the ‘ approved approval of the ‘ decree Genoa ‘with attached amnesty … in Ischia, the expulsion of tax amnesties from budget law (perhaps because sometimes someone falls from the window ), confirming the anti-Europe budget options , and today we look forward to Brussels the infringement procedure for excessive deficit of an Italy increasingly isolated and, therefore, easy to victim of the spread , as we saw yesterday, in fact, the slight initiative of Soros Butler, Mario Draghi century, to propose, perhaps, another bit of Quantitative Easing , to the ‘ warning ‘ of Tito Boeri on the costs of the hypothesis of ‘ quota 100 ‘ and of the ABI on the possible rise in interest rates , especially for families, to the action of para – military employment of the TIM by an American group (they say) very close to the 5S, and so on, and the Government and even before its vice-presidents who make you? they are there to fight hard-nosed , even harsh, on the management of waste in Campania .

For heaven’s sake, I do not want to say that it is not relevant (incidentally, Campania are!) But, apart from that you could think in a normal way, without making the unnecessary script to gather a part of the Council of Ministers in Caserta, c ‘ was it necessary for all this can-can to say that – in addition to the unpublished ‘intervention of the army – they will deal with it (note well, the verb always strictly to the future) in a coordinated way? The government statement is infinitely more refined and full of meanings of those two words that I wrote here, and in fact here it is: “The Government works on a shared solution without polemics. The goal is always the protection of health and the territory. The Government contract on the general theme of waste expresses a clear political-administrative direction: we must work to realize as soon as possible a complete circular economy and make our economic system ‘green’ … The Government also undertakes to “work to defend the culture of ‘recycling’ and making waste ‘products’, aiming at the widespread diffusion of separate waste collection. At the same time, the Government is committed to managing the critical issues that should occur during the transition period, entrusting the Ministry of the Environment with the proposals and prevention of these critical points for an innovative, concrete, achievable solution.

We needed all this chatter to say who is dealing with the Minister of ‘A Ambiente?

criticalities , which however is the Government that undertakes to manage when arising from the transition period ; but from what to what and from what does it appear that there is a transition period? In short, did you understand? The Government manages , the Minister proposes and prevents critical issues. Now that it is not clear what is meant to propose the critical issues, if the Minister prevents them, the crises are not there. Or do you take it for granted that the Minister is incapable and therefore does not prevent anything (and do not even propose?) And therefore the Government must intervene … heck the whole Government! You will say: ok, as you are fussy, the Government means the various skills. Right, but if in a sentence you ‘oppose’ the functions of a Minister to those of the Government, it means that if there are problems, caused by the inability of the Minister to prevent them (as well as to propose them!) The whole Government acts by expropriating the minister. It is not fussiness, it is trivial Italian language, often used also in Pomigliano and Foggia, but also in Milan.

Is it irrelevant? Well no. This whole thing comes out of a controversy between … Ministers , who instead of arguing in the Council where they should be both, do it by way of press (in a broad sense and therefore in particular Facebook, Twitter, etc., etc.) in order to make well-known their positions ; to who? but to the public, right? That is , everything is just propaganda and, perhaps, transversal messages to those who might be co-interested in the solution tomorrow. Defined in a tranchant way by both: Salvini who wants incinerators in every neighborhood and Di Maio who does not want them at all . Why do not you want Di Maio? Why pollute, why dirty, because they cost, because they are dangerous for public safety, because they use them in Denmark and he was traumatized as a child from the fairy tale of the princess on the pea? Nope: because the incinerators favor the Camorra . And he says it and repeats it satisfied and happy (it is always happy Di Maio, please note, must have at least seventy-two teeth) in the press conference (absent Matthew) waving the ditines (see Vocabulary of the Academy of Crusca).
Now, forgive me sig nor Di Maio , do you want to explain why the other methods , whatever they are, can not be used by the Camorra? But especially, Mr. Di Maio and, apparently, the entire government, bellicose Salvini in mind, you realize that such a statement is equivalent to a declaration not even of surrender , but of defeat? A government that says that certain things do not do so because it would favor the Camorra , it is like saying in terms of sovereigns, the Camorra has its field of action in which we do not enter , without, however, even say that in others the Camorra come in! … also because it enters us cheerfully.

But let’s complete the analysis. The Government works on a shared solution without polemics. Because normally they are pursued solutions not shared and source of controversy, but the government if something decides it is enough, no? However, the Government works towards the realization of a ‘complete circular economy’ and to greening the economy (all of which is talking about waste?) And, moreover, making ‘waste’ ‘products’. Note well: the circular economy is complete, you’ve never seen anything circulating!
In this admirable realization of the circular economy, the Government works to defend the culture of recycling, from the attacks of whom? I could understand that it is said that the Government will spread, or rather will impose the culture of recycling, or rather recycling (what culture has to do with it!), But defending that culture implies that there is someone who not only contests (perhaps we allude to Salvini?) but who fights it! And then, defending this ‘culture’ is so difficult to have to ‘work’ for it, maybe the Ministers will take a bonus.

In short, inconclusions aside (you feel the strong wrist the hand of the unmentionable – Casalino: Ed) this could be a political manifesto , if we want to ennoble, a project, a ‘to do’, but not a government action , which presupposes decisions, and consequent acts, choices and financing, etc.

All this while the (poor) Minister Giovanni Tria is in Brussels to defend Italian ideas using (with a bit of distortion, however) the phrase of Professor Gianfranco Pasquino (su, which accuses the Government of conducting the so-called ‘ chicken game ‘, because it attributes to the EU to do it all leading to the abyss. In reality the chicken game, or rather the game of the coward , is that of our government (and for it of the two dioscuri) that leads us to ‘ slam ‘ into the illusion that the EU is ‘ dodging ‘. Only that it does, the Government, on the skin of us Italians, and in fact the spread grows. The expression, I add only to avoid cryptic, was used to describe the idiotic game of some young people in the 50s, to run against each other in the car, to see who was diverted first.

security decree , a document of which I have spoken, and which brings Italy back a hundred years! But compared to which Matthew says stentorian: ‘or approve by December 3rd or skip it all’.
But do not worry, do not skip anything, the power is not easily spring, but, in a few decades, we will have the circular economy of waste turned into fragrant products, sold, perhaps, by a company of Bagarella.l