Two Point Hospital

If I tell you Populous, Theme Park, Dungeon Keeper, there must be some that will have the emotional memory of MHz processors and dual density floppy disks.

Bullfrog was a 90s studio mostly known for its management games, including some of Lionhead’s old defectors, who reformed into Two Point Studios and offered a small deal to Sega Europe for a remake or spiritual sequel to their Theme Hospital under Unity motor.

Sega with its few licenses games management and strategies on PC is not at his first attempt and besides knows its small success with its Total War, Football Manager or Endless Space to name a few.

What’s new in this Two Point Hospital? Well, so to speak, almost nothing compared to its ancestor Theme Hospital since all the ideas and mechanics of the game are there.
In a completely whimsical and funny atmosphere, it will create and manage a hospital using the 4 categories of trades proposed, put in osmosis all this pretty world in each room of diagnosis to cure the customers, uh … patients, of their diseases, each more far-fetched than the others. The nerve of war is as always money, an efficient and well maintained hospital with satisfied customers will see its profits soar. In short, the formula that works in management games.

Putting doctors’ offices on the front line seems like a good tactic.

Starting from a simple hospital and as and when you succeed, you will have the opportunity to open other establishments adding new game mechanics and thus raising the difficulty of play.

Game that does not seem so difficult since for 12 hours of play, I had no failure or even the need to resort to lending money.

Even being in negative accounts did not really stress me. Regularly challenges will appear in your mailbox history to activate a little this little microcosm against reward and bailout of your accounts.

We will be in the clinic mode of the Black Forest, peaceful and everything goes pretty well, at least initially. For the little that one regularly hires in the good positions and good specialties and always answer YES to requests for promotions! Because wage negotiations are rather frequent and even difficult. But it’s the price to have a rather high level of employee enthusiasm.
When it will be necessary to open new wings and multiply the treatment rooms, it will be necessary to think of a logic of patient displacement and order of the treatment rooms, otherwise it will quickly be the crowd in the corridors and queues in front of the doctors’ offices. doctors. It will often be necessary that the pause button is needed history to make the appropriate adjustments otherwise we will quickly overwhelmed by Dr. Jean Mich ‘who cracks and wants to take a break but Gertrude is already busy in psychiatry and Raoul is in training. I would have liked to see in a corner the ratio of the number of employees in relation to the number of patients present on the premises, just to be more precautionary.

This is what happens when there is a shortage of maintenance staff

The picky will go micro manage some elements rather well done like staff training, assign them specific tasks according to their specialties and their salary. Or be on the lookout for critical patients, who symbolized by some emoticons, will tell you that they are in agony. Make them go first to the care. No one would want one of them to fall dead in a hallway and his ghost do not panic. You will need the proper maintenance agents to catch the wandering spirits. Moreover a strong reward awaits the one who happens to have no death in his hospital when it comes time to award trophies to the best hospitals in the region.

We will also spend an incalculable time customizing and decorating our halls and corridors with cosmetic elements that will increase the prestige and attractiveness of our hospital. This is a novelty of this episode, some successful challenges and various unlocked successes will give you an alternative currency called “Kudosh” that will serve to unlock various decorative objects such as SEGA arcade kiosks to brighten your waiting rooms. Everything is good to ensure that patients do not get bored and get angry because we have not taken care of them.
The game also incorporates daily challenges and it must be just about everything new.

 Disseminate terminals everywhere, they bring back money!

The end result is a very entertaining game with ubiquitous humor, aesthetically pleasing, it has kept its graphics plump and runs rather well on the average config.

Nothing is serious and nothing will seem serious in your choices, the error is easily catchable and you never get bored. I raise my head and what? It’s midnight and it’s been 4 hours in a row that I’m playing it? Good go a little bit and I go to bed, or not …