Valkyria Chronicles 4 Xbox One PS4

We are in 65 before Segata Sanshiro. All Europa is occupied by the imperial alliance. All ? Well yes … it’s in the text … These imperial swellings occupy Europa in order to extract all the ragnite such as the USA and the oil of Kuwait. Fortunately, proud soldiers stand in their way and will try to undermine the plans of the empire.

So I know what you’re saying when you read this intro, what style … hah … you think it sounds like Valkyria Chronicles 1st name and well you’re not wrong, for the good reason that this 4 th episode takes place at the same time as the adventures of Squad 7.

While Alicia and Welkin’s team was fighting against Prince Maximilian, Squad E had its own mission and that is what SEGA chose to tell us in this Valkyria Chronicles 4.



We are at the head of the squad E, led by Claude Wallace and his tank piloted by Miles (besides tell me in comment if Miles does not look like Tails please, I sleep more at night) and accompanied of his childhood friends, Raz the big-mouthed soldier and Kai the sniper with the mysterious past.

This hard core will soon be joined by another of their knowledge of their village, Riley, grenadier of his state. Grenadier?


And yes, first novelty, a new class, the beautiful Riley has a heavier limit mortar than she and she will be happy to bomb any enemy passing in his (large) field of vision.

Squad E obviously does not stop at these 4 members, and a whole bunch of other characters and classes are at your disposal, if you did the other episodes of the series you will not be distressed.

The mission of squad E, if you accept it (at the same time, no choice), will be to rush towards the imperial capital to try to stop the war. Unfortunately for them (and fortunately for us) the road will be full of pitfalls and very quickly things will be spoiled.

I will not make you an insult to explain the game system of the series, if you are on SEGA Legacy you have necessarily already played at least one of the previous opus. Valkyria Chronicles 4 takes the gameplay of the previous episodes, while adding some nice additions like the possibility to ask a member of the commando to follow one of the “leaders” (the guys with a star), far from being anecdotal, this addition allows for example to ask a sniper to follow a scout and thus to move much further than normal.

The first trailers put it forward, the snow is at the center of this new episode and it greatly influences the gameplay. A blizzard will allow you to move without being seen, but also without seeing much, which has the effect of funny things like being in the middle of tanks and other over-equipped soldiers who will quickly annihilate once the storm passed.

Moreover, death is final in Valkyria Chronicles 4 and a soldier on shore not rescued in time is a lost soldier for the rest of the game. Ha and keep in mind that when it snows you have to save the wounded more quickly, all in a hostile environment in which it is often hard to find your way around.

The course of the missions was also very worked and to charge the enemy base to take control will not be enough all the time to win the victory. I’m not going to dwell too much on the subject, just to give you the pleasure of the discovery, but some ideas are just great, like this mission monopolizing the snipers so that they unravel shells falling on a ship that is your only chance to escape the enemies encircling you.


Without lying, my first steps in VC4 were rather mixed, the impression of seeing the 1st with another team, Claude being quite similar to Welkin in his way of being (at least at the beginning) this feeling of déjà vu ‘ was the time of one or two missions and then all that has faded progressively, leaving room for a sweet conclusion: Valkyria Chronicles 4 is the best episode of the series, all that was already very well there ten years ago was kept, from the graphic style of the series to the narration or the evolution of the characters. Better yet, the gameplay has been enhanced, the maps are almost all successful, the level design has been sublimated and, again, do and redo missions to try new stuff is a real pleasure. You will go through all the emotions while playing, from laughter to tears, from the hatred of defeat to the euphoria of a victory thanks to a well placed ball. SEGA manages to give the impression that almost every mission is impossible, making the victories more and more beautiful, all carried by an epic soundtrack perfectly in line with the game.


In addition to the 18 basic chapters, you have the opportunity to do a lot of side quests, listed in the book in the section “squadron history” these little bits of history focus on the members of the squad E and why such and such are so close. What strengthen the background and affect that can be made to some supporting roles.


History of nitpicking a little, the cast is good, no more, perhaps less charisma in the ranks of the squad E than there were in those of the squad 7. Even finding the side of the antagonists , a little less naughty than usual, we could almost recruit them (except this fdp of Heinrich Belgar and the twin sisters) so much we feel that they are nice when they do not shoot us, but it does not is nothing against the many qualities of the title.

It is impossible to complete this test without thanking Koch Media for offering French subtitles, a first in the series. Hoping that this action becomes widespread in the future and is also done with the series of Yakuza or the very promising Judge Eyes.

SEGA once again transcended the Tactical RPG, as it had done 10 years ago when Squad 7 arrived on PS3 and then Miles says so well throughout the game: “Wow, Masterpiece”.